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Everyone needs someone to have their backs, the TU LA 2 Brand excitedly introduces “BAKSCRATCH” a self-care concept that fosters a healthy back.

BAKSCRATCH heightens serotonin levels in the body that increase itching sensations. It’s a service missing in the self-care industry.

Let’s face it – life, and its ever-changing adventures, can easily weigh us down with unwanted stresses. These stresses have a direct impact on our skin and multiple parts of our bodies, including the back. Though the effects of stress in our backs can show up several ways, one of the most common is the constriction of the blood vessels, which limits blood flow and leads to tension and stiffness in our muscles. Additional conduits of stiffness, muscle cramps, lack of exercise or sitting in your chair for long periods of time, which tells us that our backs can easily become a deep reservoir of tension after extremely long days on the clock. And, let’s not forget those pesky itches that we can’t reach alone! This service is just for you. If you live alone, we are here to help you wash, exfoliate and scratch your back. The skin is the largest organ on the body, and whether your skin is itchy, dry or otherwise, this service is necessary. Relieving the itch by scratching your back sends a soothing sensation throughout the body to the brain.

That’s where BAKSCRATCH saves the day, literally! This uniquely designed service allows a technician to assist with cleaning and soothing your back in many ways. The service combines a soothing atmosphere, all-natural products for washing and exfoliating. We use disposable washcloths, disposable sheets and a “hands-off” scratching instrument that keeps the experience both relaxing and sanitary. While aiding in the release of the body’s happy hormone – serotonin – and unwanted tension. Please note: We are not massage therapist.

BakScratch $55

30 Minute 7 Step Process:

  • Cleansing/Wash
  • Natural Exfoliation
  • Oil & Hot Towel
  • Scratch
  • Heating Pad
  • Thero Gun
  • Tu La 2 Mist & Moisturizer

Additionally, benefits of the BakScratch service includes:

  • Supporting the lymphatic system
  • Fostering efficient blood circulation
  • Activating nerve endings
  • Increasing energy and focus levels
  • Satisfying that itch
  • Removing layers or dry skin